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Re: [APD] Notes on the notion of high K+ causing Fe ?? inhibition

As I have 90 ppm of K+ in my tank and some problems
with H. zosterifolia (whitish leaves or black dots or melting)...
could it prevent Fe absorption or as I read elsewhere too much
Fe (Total? = 1 ppm) is the same as too little ?



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Subject: [APD] Notes on the notion of high K+ causing Ca++ inhibition

[interesting stuff snipped]

> I have not found much evidence suggesting K+ at 50ppm, mg/l or less causes
> issues. There are few specific cases where an aquatic plant was subjected
> to high K+ levels and then noted Ca uptake, but it seems a general salinity
> issue that can be rectified by having enough Ca++.
> Folks with softer waters(less than 3-4) will want to add more Ca.
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