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[APD] digital camera for sale-flash your fish!

Hi everyone,
Sorry about the second mention of this. I have a 2 megapixel Gateway brand
digital camera that I got for free when I purchased a computer system. It is
a great comera for taking pics of plants and fish and sharing them with
other plant keepers on the net. It has built in flash, zoom, lcd screen,
included software and a  usb port for loading pics on your computer. This is
brand new in the box. I don't need it as I have a more advanced digi and my
wife uses an SLR type.

Costs $99 from Gateway. I hate to see it laying around unused. I posted it
here before for $75 including shipping (continental US). I'll do it for $65
including shipping (continental US). Really nice entry level digi. It adds a
nice angle to the hobby when you can share shots of your tanks/plants with

Email me off list if interested: grim1214 at bellsouth_net.


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