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[APD] LED Lighting

I've been catching up on the weekend's discussion on LEDs. I think they're
more feasible than some are giving them credit for.

First, single-color LEDs are much more efficient than white ones. Most
white ones use phosphorescence just like fluorescent bulbs. That is, they
create either UV or blue light, and then use phosphors to convert it to
white. By making an array of different colors, you could get a pretty
efficient spectrum that compares to almost any correlated color temperature
you could name. You should be able to get a better CRI than many
triphosphor fluorescent bulbs.

Second, If you have lighting throughout your hood, the directionality of
LEDs seems like an advantage. We all know how much light from fluorescents
is lost out the sides, and while reflectors help they aren't perfect. LEDs
are small enough that even with only a 20-degree dispersal, you could avoid
dark spots.

Lastly, there's the advantage that LEDs are dimmable. With the right
controller, you could have fantastic sunrise/sunset/moonlight effects.

If I had more time I'd certainly be playing with them.

- Jim

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