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[APD] American Watts different?

Hi all. Is there any difference between American/Imperial(?) Watts and UK/European/Australian Watts? I ask this because some of the fluorescent tubes in my LFS seem to have slightly different wattages depending on where they were made, even though they look identical. Two 24" tubes of the same diameter, for example, can be either 18 watts or 20 watts.

I searched the mailing list archive and found a possible reference to my question.

Further confusion results from the fact that the same 430 mA lamps
are sometimes labeled with different wattages. In Europe, for instance, a 40
watt 4' T8 is labeled 36 watts. Same rose but different name. Some of those
36 watt labeled lamps are sold in N.A. as well.

Can anyone fill me in?

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