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[APD] Re: Ammonia and Soil Substrates

After reading what Roger said, and now that I realized what the problem
might be, I've done my homework on this.  I found out that ammonia is
released when chloramine is broken up by dechlorinators.  So the ammonia
spike after the water changes I have been doing were caused by this.

I then read more carefully the label on the dechlorinator I've been using
for the past year.  Originally I had only noticed that the two words
"chlorine" and "chloramine" were on the front label.  Now I see that the one
phrase is actually: "Breaks the choramine bond".  Well I thought that was
good, but now realize that doing so creates ammonia.

On the back label it says: "To remove ammonia released from
chloramine.....use (another product).

Doing more reseach on the web I found products from other companies that
remove chlorine, chloramines, _and_ ammonia.

So one of my new years resolutions will be to read the labels more carefully
on any product I will be putting in my aquariums.

Steve Pituch

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