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[APD] Re:Ammonia and soil substrates

Roger said
>Just a brief revisit to an older thread.  Wouldn't the easiest explanation
>for the late and mysterious appearance of ammonia be that the utility is
>using chloramines in the Padre Island water supply?

Thanks for the reply. Actually it could be a welcome explanation.  I don't
know anything about chloramines.  I am guessing that when you add
dechlorinator to water with chloramines, that it neutralizes the chlorine,
but ammonia is released?  Is that correct?  That would explain it.  Then the
ammonia wouldn't show up in the tap water until after the dechlorinator was

If this is so can I test this by dechlorinating some tap water and then
testing it for ammonia _before_ I use it for a water change?

The city of Corpus Christi has never returned my e-mails or phone calls on
water quality, but on their web site they mention that "Corpus Christi uses
chlorine and ammonia to disinfect our drinking water."

If you could explain the chemical process I would appreciate it.  The only
reference I have is D. Walstad's book and I didn't see it mention
chloramines.  I am aging the water but I don't think chloramines will
dissipate that way.  I need to figure out and set up a reliable procedure
for water changes that is safe for the fish.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Pituch

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