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[APD] RE: Triple PO4

> Can P2O5 Triple Superphosphate (0-45-0) be used in place of KH2PO4?

It's not that suitable.
Fleet enema, KH2PO4 are the more common sources, Eckard's carries the

> If so . . . how much would I use in my 55 gal. tank?

2 drops every 2-3 days.
> The tank has been set up for about two months and is illuminated with two
sylvania 40 watt sunstick full spectrum 5,000 K fluorescent lights and two
40 watt sylvania gro-lux/aquarium wide spectrum fluorescent lights in shop
light hoods.
> Substrate is 100% Flourite.
> I do not have CO2 yet . . . saving up for the tank and regulator, but it
will be a while before I can get the system.
> I live in Gainesville, FL 

So do I.

> I ordered fertilizer additives from Homegrown Hydroponics . . . MgSO4
(magnesium sulphate), K2SO4 (potassium sulphate), KNO3 (potassium nitrate),
and chelated trace elements (I made a solution of 1 tablespoon trace in 300
ml of water.)
> I have been doing 50% water changes every Monday.  Then immediately add
1/4 teaspoon MgSo4, 1/4 teaspoon K2SO4, 1/4 teaspoon KNO3, and 7 ml of the
trace solution.  Then on wednesday and saturday add 1/4 teaspoon KNO3 and 7
ml trace.

> Bill Carpenter

Add CO2. DIY etc till you have the CO2 gas tanks added. Too much light
without CO2, reduce to one shop light till you take care of that.

A 55 gal with 80w and CO2 works quite well FWIW.

Tom Barr

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