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[APD] RE:non CO2 plant tank

> It would like to have specific guidelines for NON co2 --  25 gallon tank
> with respect to
> -1. frequency of water changes,

As few as possible, top off for evaporation.
If you need to remove a fair amount of plants etc, (generally about every
3-6 months).
Light pruning otherwise and no changes.

> 2. fertilisation 

Fish food, need more fertilizer? Add more fish food. Need less, add less.
Get some algae eating fish/critters. 

> & 3. lighting.

40w of NO FL lighting is fine. A reflector if you can get one.

Use some floating plants, use easy to grow plant species, crypts are good
also. Have deep substrate with a fair amount of organic matter, soaked soil
or better yet mulm from another tank, add about 4 handfuls of ground peat
moss. Add the organic stuff on the very bottom.
Top this with sand/laterite, flourite, profile etc, whatever you can get
there, about 3-4 inches deep.  

Plant densely from the start.

Wait and be patient, pick off any algae that appears.

Leave it alone basically.

Tom Barr

> I know it is like asking for spoon feeding after so much of discussion,
> however, I would like to be sure of the guidelines.
> thanks,
> India.

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