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[APD] Hairballs (feline or otherwise)

Tom wrote:

>> So when that Damn Onerous Cat(DOC) hacks up a hairball, all I do it push
into the gravel? <<

Ahhh, maybe this explains why I haven't needed to fertilize my little Azoo
tank much.  The DOC has decided that this is her own shrimp-flavored,
filtered water bowl.  She drinks out of it at every opportunity.  Since she
is a long haired DOC, she tends to get her "bib" in the water every time she
drinks, leaving hair behind.

It has been a bit of a nuisance getting said hair back out... my long
tweezers don't seem capable of holding something so fine, and the tank is
small enough that you can't put your hand in it without it overflowing.  NOW
you're all telling me that I shouldn't try to remove it anyway?  It's a low
release nutrient source?  I like it!


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