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[APD] SeaChem nitrogen, Question/request for Greg

>From another post:

"I think the water column methods may work, perhaps well, but I'm looking
for a non water column source for the substrate.
SeaChem already has a nitrogen form that's bound, but I want the the pure
Raw stuff. No NO3 added."
Sort of like having the Flourish Iron only vs Flourish.
Greg, would this be possible to mix up NH4 bound is a pure form? Or a
richer NH4+ version of the SeaChem Nitrogen?
I think it would be tougher for folks to make this as a DIY and perhaps you
would see some significant growth differences/improvements.
The NH4 source is a big player in nutrients vs some of the traces and other
nutrients so this should should give a noticable effect I'd think. 

But how to do this for the plants and not the algae.............
I know NH4 is algae candy and then there's the toxicity issue. 

This is why I think the substrate is likely a better place for something
like this.

I guess if the NH4 was released slowly, it would work for the water column
or in such small amounts that over doses would not cause any problems. 
Tom Barr"

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