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[APD] RE: Good substrate sources for NH4+

> What about concentrated chloramine in a clay tab? Combining clorine with
> ammonia will produce a stable (but toxic to fish) compound. Treated with
> Prime (or something similar) it becomes a nontoxic ammoniated compound
> which gives our plants that extra umph after a water change (if you are
> 'blessed' with cloramine treated water <g>).

We thought about that when looking at PO4 and other processes that are
involved potentially with large frequent water changes.
I actually have a way to test to see how much NH4 is supplied via the
Chloramine into plant and algae tissue.
Perhaps I'll add that to my test.
They use Chlorine gas here but I can easily get the Chloramine.
I think there is some slight NH4 effect but it certainly could be something
else completely. 

 Apparently, the plants can
> assimilate the modified cloramine just fine. I dont think untreated
> cloramine water is bad for plants, but could be toxic to other critters
> that live in the substrate. I agree with Tom that we need stable
> compounds. The redox state of the particular substrate could also be
> important as the compound may respond differently in aerobic and anerobic
> environments.

Yes, I think if we are gloing to improve the substrate's contribution to
plant growth we should start with the things that make the mopsty sense and
will be a larger part of the % plant biomass.
CO2 is not as practical since you need so much and all substrates give off
But NH4+ is a good candidate as it's easier to assimilate, most often in
lower than optimal concentrations, and NH4 in the water column is no good
IMO due to algae.

> Alternatively, concentrated "treated" chloramine (or other stable nontoxic
> ammoniated compound) in bottle could have potential to supplement the
> column. This may be an easier way to dose.
> Neil Frank

I think the water column methods may work, perhaps well, but I'm looking
for a non water column source for thr substrate.
SeaChem already has a nitrogen form that's bound, but I want the the pure
Raw stuff.No NO3 added.

Sort of like having the Flourish Iron only vs Flourish.

Greg, would this be possible to mix up a NH4 bound? Or a richer version of
the SeaChem Nitrogen? 

Tom Barr


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