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[APD] Tiny Tanks

Mark Sabugal wrote:

>> Does anyone have tips for keeping super small tanks like the ones in
Amano's second book?<<

Then Gomer Gomer wrote:

>> I am about 1 week into my new nano using the Red Sea (azoo) Candy XL tank
(~0.5-0.75g).  Not sure if it is universal, but getting the ferts started
right away seemed important.  I didn't add any for a few days and already
noticed deficiencies forming.  After adding the ferts, the tank was looking
healthy again.<<

I just put up a couple of pictures of my Azoo tank at:


(and no, this isn't a finished (or even started) site in any way... this
tank is the only thing you'll find ;-)

I haven't had any problems with ferts, but then, the water I set it up with
came from one of my bigger tanks, and that's the water I used when I did a
water change too.  Everything is bright green and growing as well as you'd
ever want it to in such a small tank. (the lighter color in the newer
picture is due to the use of  a flash, the leaves are not pale... I just
didn't spend time messing around with the lighting)

These tanks are available from TFP for less than $30, and I think the"candy"
name is perfect for them.  They could easily be adictive!<g>


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