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RE: [APD] RE: Hagen CO2 natural

Hi Rachel!

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Well then I think I'll give it a try and see how it works on
my 20g. :)  Gives me an excuse to review it on my site anyway. lol

How long does it last before you have to remix the container? :)

> The packaging says they're for tanks up to 10 gallons, but I 
> use one on my 29 and have been really happy with it.

I'm looking at it on hagen website and it's saying it's  rated for 
up to 20 gallons. :) 

> I'm not sure why people would say it is less effective than a 
> DIY system, since that is basically all it is. Maybe because 
> not all of the CO2 is absorbed - pinhead sized bubbles do 
> escape the top of the diffusor ladder. 
> It seems to do the trick for the two tanks we have here (10 
> and 29 gal).

I'm not sure either but that's what I read in a forum at 
planted tank dot net I think.

> Above all, it is totally cool to watch. You can see the 
> bubbles get smaller as they go up the ladder - it's almost 
> like watching ice cubes get smaller as they melt, only the 
> CO2 is "melting" into the water. Even my 
> cumputer-nerd/science-teacher/astronomer husband gets sucked 
> into just watching the bubbles go by. How may CO2 diffusors 
> are entertaining, as well as efficient?

LOL! I know what you mean.  I use a Plant Guild CO2 power reactor
in my 120g and I always seem to get mesmerized by the swirling of
the bubbles. :)  

Thanks!  I'll go ahead and get it then! :)


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