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[APD] RE: Hagen CO2 natural


yes, lots of people on the list use the CO2 natural system. It is basically an all-in-one DIY system, if that makes any sense - a nice container to put the yeast mixture in, tubing, and a cool little diffuser to stick on the side of the tank. Hagen provides "activator" and "stablilizer" packets - I use 1/8t of yeast and 1t baking soda, respectively, instead.

The units are not very expensive - under $20 - and for the newbie or the person who doesn't want to mess with soda bottles and glue they are the perfect way to get into CO2. The packaging says they're for tanks up to 10 gallons, but I use one on my 29 and have been really happy with it.

I'm not sure why people would say it is less effective than a DIY system, since that is basically all it is. Maybe because not all of the CO2 is absorbed - pinhead sized bubbles do escape the top of the diffusor ladder. It seems to do the trick for the two tanks we have here (10 and 29 gal).

Above all, it is totally cool to watch. You can see the bubbles get smaller as they go up the ladder - it's almost like watching ice cubes get smaller as they melt, only the CO2 is "melting" into the water. Even my cumputer-nerd/science-teacher/astronomer husband gets sucked into just watching the bubbles go by. How may CO2 diffusors are entertaining, as well as efficient?

Not affiliated with the company, just a big fan of the product.


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