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[APD] RE: agar

>From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>

>I want something that I can bind NH4 strong enough not to diffuse out at
>_all_, yet roots are able access it (say with growth) with a fair amount of

What about concentrated chloramine in a clay tab? Combining clorine with
ammonia will produce a stable (but toxic to fish) compound. Treated with
Prime (or something similar) it becomes a nontoxic ammoniated compound
which gives our plants that extra umph after a water change (if you are
'blessed' with cloramine treated water <g>). Apparently, the plants can
assimilate the modified cloramine just fine. I dont think untreated
cloramine water is bad for plants, but could be toxic to other critters
that live in the substrate. I agree with Tom that we need stable ammoniated
compounds. The redox state of the particular substrate could also be
important as the compound may respond differently in aerobic and anerobic

Alternatively, concentrated "treated" chloramine (or other stable nontoxic
ammoniated compound) in bottle could have potential to supplement the water
column. This may be an easier way to dose.

Neil Frank
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