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Re: [APD] Re: Hair balls again?

Would this have to be cat hairballs? While I do own several cats they are pretty much _self-cleaning_ and it would be much easier for me to use pomeranian hair. :) (ie. fur balls with a nose)

Ann Viverette wrote:

Have we come full circle again, back to cats in the aquarium?

Ann Viverette, whose cat loves to be combed and yields a good handful of
fine textured fur daily

Tom Barr wrote:

.....I want something that I can bind NH4 strong enough not to diffuse out
_all_, yet roots are able access it (say with growth) with a fair amount
Something that would not be oxidized into NO3 by bacteria either......

What about hair? You can get bags of it at a barber shop. It is 100% protein, and is resistant to bacterial breakdown, but not entirely. Suppose you had a soil-hair mix with plants rooted in it. Would it not be possible that bacteria could slowly decompose the keratin and release NH4 that could be taken up by the roots. It is worth a try!

Paul Krombholz in 70 degree central Mississippi

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