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[APD] Re: Hair balls again?

Have we come full circle again, back to cats in the aquarium?

Ann Viverette, whose cat loves to be combed and yields a good handful of
fine textured fur daily

>      Tom Barr wrote:
> .....I want something that I can bind NH4 strong enough not to diffuse out
> _all_, yet roots are able access it (say with growth) with a fair amount
> ease.
> Something that would not be oxidized into NO3 by bacteria either......
> What about hair?  You can get bags of it at a barber shop.  It is
> 100% protein, and is resistant to bacterial breakdown, but not
> entirely.  Suppose you had a soil-hair mix with plants rooted in it.
> Would it not be possible that bacteria could slowly decompose the
> keratin and release NH4 that could be taken up by the roots.  It is
> worth a try!
> --
> Paul Krombholz in 70 degree central Mississippi

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