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[APD] Large tweezers and nose hair

Not having used 24" inches of tweezer before, I must say I do like these
for most common depths. 
No wet arms/shiort sleeves for many minor issues. Arizona Aquatic Gardner's
had one for a good price, it came in the mail and I gave it a whirl.
It's made in Pakistan, pretty nimble, not as unweildy as I'd thought it
was. Peter said I'd be happy and he was correct. The only criticism I might
have is the tweezers not having a guide post to keep the alignment steady
and straight on. Generally these are about 1/2 way down and make the
tweezers more nimble.
I have not seen any guide post on decent sized tweezers(these are rare) for
a long time now. But over all, I think these are well worth the $. I'm
certainly happy with their usage.
They had a smaller version 12" which also is a a good pair, I tried to
shift thwem back and forther and they held the grasp quite well.
These are great for more delicate work in the tank.

I made joke chasing after the spouse claiming to want to remove nose ane ar
hair with these monster 2 foot tweezers.

Tom Barr

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