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RE: [APD] Question

Bob, a little more info would help: fish load, what chems are being added
and how was the laterite introduced in the tank. 55w CF lighting is adequate
if it has a good reflector for a 29 gallon (I would go with 10-12 hours per
day). If the laterite was placed in the bottom layer and none of it is
escaping into the water column, overfeeding might be suspect, and just what
is in the tapwater to give these high measurements? You would be a candidate
for an RO unit or start collecting rainwater to slowly bring the hardness
down. Too much too soon will yield osmotic shock to the fish due to severe
shift in TDS (total dissolved solids)which will kill your fish dead so
making TDS checks are advised: a bow to Wright Huntley for this info:) A TDS
is the most important measuring device for keeping fish (I think I'm still
quoting Wright here).

Anyhoo, you're in for a fun time of it: massive water changes and clean as
much of the substrate, plants, glass, filter as you can. Sounds more like
BGA than green algae. Plant hygro polysperma lots) and hornwort, najas
guadalupensis, which are easy quick growers. Cram as much of these plants as
you can
in the tank after thorough cleaning. Using CO2 injection and losing the
PhosGuard would help too, IMO. Also, you can try Tom Barr's blackout method
for 3-4 days by turning the light off and placing a black plastic covering
over the tank to completely shut it from any ambient light as well. I've
never tried
this, but have read favorable reports.
Don't envy your headache, been there,
maybe will again, who knows:-)

HTH, and do check the APD archives,


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My daughter has a 29 gallon tank with 55 watt compact fluorescent
lighting, with the lights on 8 hours per day. Our water is quite hard
(220 ppm+) and alkaline (8.4+). The gravel has been supplemented with
laterite. We're using Seachem PhosGuard to reduce phosphates.

The only plant that seems to thrive thus far is Java fern, except for
the green algae that coats the glass, plants and creates a mulm over the
gravel. We can literally harvest the stuff from the gravel and rub it
off the leaves of the plants.

My question is twofold: 1.) what would anyone suggest to reduce (ideally
eliminate) the algae, and 2.) what plants would anyone recommend in this
relatively low light environment besides perhaps the obvious Anubias or
Val spp.?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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