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Re: [APD] Online availability of plants

Wandy writes:
"Given the fear of libel or other court proceeding I will refrain from
asking if anyone has had a "bad" experience with an online plant store.  So
in keeping with my "LC" (libel correct) has anyone purchased plants online
and had a really good experience.  I need to purchase  a lot as I am
setting up a new tank and do not have a tank to sourch them from nor a

If cost is an issue, I would recommend you check out www.aquariumgarden.com

They have some of the lowest prices available. Also, they have an amazing
shipping policy. You pay for the plants after receiving them. If the plants
arrive in unacceptable condition, you can return them and decline to pay.
This insures that they have the incentive to get them to you in good

They also have very good customer service. The owner is also quite
knowledgeable, and will happily offer advice on specific plants if you
email him.

The selection tends towards the more common plants. But if you're starting
your first tank, that's probably not a problem.

- Jim

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