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Re: [APD] Restarting the Python

Loss of flow during siphon perations with a Python are
typically caused one of three things, an obstruction in the
water path, an air leak in the line, or low water pressure.

Debris can be caught at any of the hose connections,
valves, and especially at the fitting where the tubing
connects to the siphon valve on the faucet. To fix, open
anc clear the debris.

If the water pressure is low, you might try running the
siphon at times of day when water usage is lowest in your
neighborhood. At times of high use, the pressure can drop
close to the threshold level necessary for the Python to
operate properly.

To check for air leaks, look for bubbles in showing in the
tubing while trying to operate the python. Also check that
the washers are in place and in good condition at each fo
the connections. And check that the siphon valve, attached
tothe faucet doesn't have any cracks.
Scott H.
--- Jade Rubick <jade at rubick_com> wrote:
> Several times in the last few weeks, while changing
> water, the Python 
> seems to stop moving water. It's like it has lost the
> suction or 
> something. However, the water is still moving strongly at
> the faucet..
> The only way I've found to restart the suction is to
> empty the tube of 
> water until I hear the gushing sound, and start over.
> However, tonight 
> it keeps happening, and it's driving me nuts!

S. Hieber

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