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[APD] Other plant lists

Wandy wrote:

>> I just read your post in reference to airwrecks comments.  As a newbie
trying to learn more and more so that I have enough information with which
to run my tank so much of what is written here is still above my radar.  You
had mentioned that you posted on other forums for less experienced
aquarists. Would you be kind enough to suggest some sites for less
experienced people trying to gain the knowledge to have a planted aquarium?

Hi Wandy,

Just to make it EXTREMELY clear, I am NOT suggesting that novice aquarists
do not have a place here.  They most certainly do!  As I mentioned in my
previous posts, there are many people on the APD that are MORE than free
with their time helping newer aquatic gardeners out.  Not the same person
all the time (though both Tom and Scott do more than their share these days)
but you'll usually find someone with some time and advice to share.

If you don't understand something that is said here, PLEASE feel free to ask
for a clarification.  If you don't get it, you can be sure there are a
number of lurkers who are wondering too.

In terms of your initial question, I was speaking in the past tense in terms
of my involvement in other forums.  While I still like very much to help new
aquatic gardeners, my time in that direction is spent toward my column in
AFM,  speaking at aquarium clubs across the country, and (my favorite) as
editor of  "The Aquatic Gardener" magazine.  That, plus my "real life' job
as a mom keep me from spending too much time on the internet.

I was the first section leader of the aquatic plants section of Fishnet on
Compuserve, before the APD even started.  I held that position for several
years, followed by (among others) another contributor to this list, Art
Giacosa.  I stayed on for quite some time as what they euphemistically
termed a "guest expert", and I still drop in from time to time, though not
often.  Fishnet is still around, and although I can't tell you for sure how
active the planted tank section is, I'm sure you will find it friendly and
inviting, as that is something Fishnet has ALWAYS prided itself in.

Another list that is near and dear to my heart is our Aquatic Gardeners
Association member's list.  This is an e-mail list reserved only for our
members.  The traffic volume is not huge, but I can guarantee that people
will be happy to help you with any problems you are having.

Another list that I have visited, though I haven't had time to participate
in, is Robert Hudson's Aquabotanic forum.  The site is attractive and user
friendly, and I know several of the section moderators.  I am sure that
there is good advice available there too.

Hopefully other people will chime in with other sites that they like.  I
think there are actually quite a few.


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