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Re:[APD] Hemianthus callitrichoides?

I'm on my second go-round with this plant. It is definitely a high light/CO2 plant - it also requires a fine substrate, as the roots are very fine and short, even with a fine substrate - you'll find lots of it in your filter... It breaks apart really easily and floats off.

Even with 26w of 6500k PC light less than 8" over it, CO2 way above recommended levels; and daily fertilizing growth has been relatively slow, unfortunately my amano shrimp likes to pick it apart - which is probably not helping...

As for where to get it - if you're in the USA it will be almost impossible, this plant is a relatively new introduction to the hobby. Tropica was the one to introduce it, and thus it has not really made its way commercially into the USA - But I know a few US hobbiests have it, so it should start appearing more regularly on aquabid and other similar sites.

If you're in canada or the rest of the world, go to www.tropica.com and find a local dealer - they should have it, or be able to order it. (I got mine from the LPS - in standard tropica packaging)


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