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RE: [APD] Soil and the Diana Factor -- or - if it works,put it in writing for others

Scott wrote:
People said it wouldn't work and Diana has proved that it
can and wrote a book about it that's an excellent reference
work for aquatic gardeners -- whether doing soil
underlayments or not.  Not to mention it's one of the few
aquatic books around that isn't jsut pretty pics and isn't
aimed at folks working on their Ph.d dissertations ;-) I
think Diana raised the bar for aquarium books when she
published _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_. I'd give her a
medal for that alone.

Scott, I wasn't trying to "soil":0) Diana's good name in the
hobby. One of these days, I will try soil-based tanks again
and see how it goes. I found it illuminative that nutrients
in potting soil substrates would last 3 years (my patience 
level maxed at 11 months) and as I'm key-stroking this I'm
looking at a tank with flourite that is evergreen and will
be after 3 years...if I don't screw it up. My wife and I
like to add new plants and do rearranging at times that
precludes (at least for us)the set-and-forget, soil-based tanks.
When we planted some new crypts in the soil substrate it was 
like opening Pandora's box to a host of woes.  For experienced
plant aquarists that know how to plant the tank to "grow in" to
the picture they have in mind, soil-based tanks are an inexpensive
way to go. That'll be a few more years in the hobby for me...maybe
more than a few.



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