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[APD] trace element problem?

I have a persistent problem with chlorotic plants in a 20 gallon high 
aquarium, and I can't figure out what is missing.

Here are the specs:
KH - ~4
GH - ~5
pH - ~7 
pressurized CO2
55 watts PC lighting
50:50 gravel and flourite mix
undergravel filter with powerhead
Daily dosing with 1 ml flourish, 1 ml Flourish iron.  Recently started adding 
Flourish Trace
30-40% weekly water change, at which time I add 1/4 tsp KNO3, 1/4 Tsp K2SO4, 
1/2 tsp epsom salts, 1ml flourish phosphorus.  I also add additional Flourish 
and Fl. Iron at water changes to make up for that which is lost.

Critters include 8 neon tetras, 10+ Heterandria formosa, 8 shrimp, and two 

Small amounts of blue green algae and black brush algae are present.  Riccia, 
java moss, and Lysimachia nummularia grow well and do not appear to be 
suffering nutrient deficiencies.  Other stem plants grow slowly with very 
short internodes and become very chlorotic.  New growth on some recently 
added Rotala indica is almost white, but the leaves are larger than the 
previous growth.

What gives?  Is it possible that trace elements are being oxidized by the 
undergravel filter before the plants can use them?  Am I overdosing on 
something and throwing the plants' nutrition out of whack?  Is this aquarium 
just an endless sink for iron and other trace elements?

I wondered if copper from our plumbing could be a problem, but the shrimp are 

Would photographs help the diagnosis?

Nicholas Plummer
nickplummer at att_net
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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