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[APD] Re: deepest pockets

> YES I will agree that the tanks are extremely enjoyable to view. but :-) 
> IMHO ( seems to be used a lot) this does not make a level playing 
> field..more of who has the deepest pockets..or who has the best resources 
> for plants  maybe there needs to be a way to separate design from skill... 
> I will not deign that many of the entries have great design skills in 
> layout..but does this make them skilled technicians in the art of growing a 
> plant???
> As to knowing which is a long term tank compared to a short term tank..I 
> went back thru the 200L - 400L entires and if my tiny little brain can 
> remember exactly I think I only saw 2 that even mentioned how long the 
> system had been set up..maybe I am just missing something..

If you see a thick lush carpet of let's say Glossistigma, Eleocharis, 
Hemianthus callitrichoides and so on, you can be pretty sure the tank has
been up for at least a couple of months.

www.plantella.com shows you many examples of how a newly setup tank 
looks like compared to an established one.

Myself have always started with *one* Tropica-pot of a species and grown
them to the size and number I want - and I'm pretty sure most folks do like
this except professionals setting up tanks for customers (like www.plantella.com)

// Daniel.

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