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[APD] Jeff Senske

Sorry, couldn't help but make a comment on this subject too.  I've had the
priviledge of seeing not only the tanks in Jeff's show room, but also a
number of his private installations.  Besides being, IMO, the reigning
master of the paludarium, the aquariums he designs have some very special,
and in my view, enviable attributes.

These tanks are really set up for the long haul.  He may use stem plants for
splashes of color and accent.  But the thing that is so remarkable about his
tanks is their "good bones".  Yes, he is meticulous about maintenance.  But
if the tanks weren't so carefully planned to remain stable over the long
term, they STILL wouldn't work as well as they do.

Incidentally, someone mentioned that Jeff uses a lot of light over his
tanks.  This was certainly NOT the case for the installations he showed me.
Not that they were in any way under-lit for the types of plants he was
growing, but camera light meters don't lie.  These tanks were NOT
particularly bright.  I don't remember any tanks that he had more than 3 wpg
over, and several were much closer to 2 wpg.


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