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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

A few thoughts:

The light might be more focused than you expect.

The wall warts put out a different voltage than the rating
-- this is almost always true.

Put a series resistor in line -- get several or use a
variable to get the right value, the lowest value that
lights them up is probably what you want to use. Probably
somewhere around 100-250 ohms. Use a nice hot irom for
quick soldering ;-)

Scott H.

--- Andy Lavery <wagoneer78 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Wow, You guys are sure making me think here! But its
> great - keep going 
> (I'll just need to go buy my old electronics 10/11/12
> texts and refresh my 
> poor aging memory)
> The LEDs I've chosen to use have a Vf of 3.6v Vmax of
> 4.5, If 30mA peak 
> 100mA - now call me crazy, but I was just going to use a
> good old 4.5v 1.6A 
> wall wart to power it, running all the lights in
> parallel.
> The setup I was going to use to actually mount the LEDs,
> was to use a 1x1 
> chunk of project board - mounting each LED individually,
> connecting wiring. 
> Then I was planning to seal the base in 1/4" of epoxy -
> thus basically 
> making it waterproof.
> If the 2g test tank works well, I've already ordered the
> components to try 
> it out on my 20g, rather than trying to light the whole
> tank per se... I was 
> planning a strip of 45deg LEDs run down the centerline of
> the tank roughly 
> every 4" for 'overall' lighting, then using 'spotlights'
> (an array of 3-4 
> 20degree LEDs) to put the extra light where its needed.
> Why waste energy 
> putting all that light in an area that isn't planted -
> right?
> Thanks again - you guys are great... On another forum I
> asked this question, 
> all I got was "It will never work"
> Andy
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