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[APD] Different Substrates

Greg Morin wrote:

> Not to be contradictory ;-) but I talked to Jeff Senske at the AGA
> 2002 and told us that he had experimented with Florabase in some
> aquariums but that it kind of "gave out" after about 6 months and he
> ended up switching back to Flourite . Maybe he was just telling us
> that because he was talking to the "Flourite guys" ;-) ;-) but that
> was my recollection of the conversation. If Jeff is on the list
> please correct me if I'm remembering that wrong or if your opinion
> has changed since we talked.

I know there are others who disagree with me, but I don't like Florabase
because to me, it looks like dog kibble.<g>  I haven't seen the Carib-Sea
product out of it's bag full of water, so I can't comment on the aesthetics.
I have to say, however, that I'm not sure that there is any benefit to
anyone but the marketing team to transporting liquid-filled bags of
substrate.  It makes them heavier, and if I were the shop keeper, I wouldn't
be keen on having them potentially get punctured and wet down everything
else on the shelves.


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