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Re: [APD] Re: Changing water, changing strands,and the Icky thing about substrates

It seems there is as much myth and mystery about the Senske
substrate as about Ich.

All Tom did at the start of this thread was recommend the
water change method to a newbie that was proposing a
substrate mixture so complicated, that some thought it was
a hoax.

Somehow that got into a discussion of whether Flourite was
good enough without lots of stuff pumped into it (a serious
question?); whether water changes were the only method (a
true red herring, no one ever said it was), water changes
and Tom's "high level dosing regimen" is the best method
(some still say it is); whether water changes stress fish
into getting ich (not really a comer); whether ich can be
in an aquarium nonsymptomatically (best answer was who
cares, if you get, cure it and get on with important
discussions); and in a round about way, whether Senske
pumps stuff into his substrate or use Florabase or gave up
on Florabase. 

I'd like to end this thread with the myth that Jeff Senske
keeps all his methods a trade secret and no one knows what
he uses except Jeff, his brother, and the deep blue sea ;-)

I can by Flourite so I don't really care too much what
substrate Jeff uses. But I can't by the designing skill.
What I'd really like to know is how Jeff designs a
paludarium. Does anyone else come close to what he does
with that kind of tank? Plese send links to the pics.

Scott H.

--- Greg Fiske <gfiske at sbcglobal_net> wrote:
> I've learned a lot so far from this conversation, so
> thanks Robert for stirring things up.  I got Ich in my
> tank for the first time a couple months ago.  I figured
> it was from adding cold water by accident, and Ich always
> being present.  I figured it was the change in temp,
> because I got the fish from Albany, which quarantines its
> fish.  But I guess it could have got through some how.
> I've read a couple of Robert's post that uses Jeff Senske
> tanks to support his arguments.  This seems incorrect
> since Jeff Senske Engineers his tanks differently.  I
> would think he uses a low light method.  He uses
> primarily slow growing plants in most of his tanks
> compared to the stem plants that Tom?s methods seem to be
> aimed at.  I think the high light/low light issue gets
> confused (or left out) a lot when methods or dosing
> advice is given.
> "Jeff Senske, a big AGA contest winner uses Florabase
> exclusively. He swears
> by it. Eco Complete is very similar. It provides a wide
> range of traces with"
>  and from the AB forum,
> "Jeff uses a substrate somewhat like Eco Complete, (I
> cant remember the name of it) It is a rich substrate with
> all the trace minerals. He keeps a somewhat low to
> moderate C02 level, and moderate to high light levels. I
> don't remember what he adds to the water, but I do not
> think its much. He sets up and maintains both large and
> small plant tanks in public offices in greater qty than
> Tom or anyone else! And he has a public gallery of
> planted aquariums. And he has great growth, vitality and
> color without major algae problems. Believe me, when you
> have several public tanks that you service the last thing
> you want is algae problems. So how does he do it?"
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