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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

I'm only growing weeds currently but I built a simple LED "moonlight" for
the fish. Well, for ME, so I can dimly see the fish after their light goes


It looks pretty bright in this picture, but it really isn't. It does turn
the tank from a pitch-black eyesore into something a little more
interesting when the light is out, which I like.

I am using 5 super bright LEDs, a Radio Shack wall wart, and a series
resistor. The LED leads have been covered in heat shrink tubing, but it is
far from waterproof. I need to remove the lights and find a better way to
seal them up before the water takes its toll.

As you can see, the LEDs have a very tight beam. I did try an improvised
diffuser but it cut the total apparent brightness down too much.

I think that a cold cathode lamp, the kind people put in their computer
case, would actually be better for this application. They are cheap and
they put out more even light; both would be nice here. But I had the LEDs
so that's what I used.

matt at wrongcrowd_com
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