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[APD] Newbie Online Plant Purchase ???

I got my Dave Gomber Co2 kit, an aluminum co2 tank is coming which I won on
ebay, my flourite is about to be washed, I am trying to figure out how to
setup the eheim 2213, the coralife 2x96w lights work, the driftwood is

I am going to get the hardware going to do a test run and want to begin to
order plants.  My LFS does not have much and from what I have read here I
should cram my new tank with plants.

Has anyone had any success or horror stories with any of the online/internet
plant stores.  I have not found a club that is local to me to get a source.
I order everything else I have over the web so I figured plants should be
available.  My concern is the overall health of what is delivered.

Many thanks,


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