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[APD] Where to pu CO2 Reactor

I've been thinking of building a CO2 reactor for my tank, some design from the krib, as close as I can get it.  My only problem is where to put it?  I have a 90g overflow from All Glass, it's a nice tank that I probably wouldn't buy again knowing what I know now (rather spend the extra on a fluval or the like).  The problem is where I'm supposed to attach the thing...the overflow water gets pretty beat up going down the tube into my filter media which is actually two 5g buckets cut out and filled with bio balls (~5g worth of balls), which dumps into a plastic bin I got from Target (storage bin) then into the pump.  The water in the bin is really calm and I thought about putting the CO2 line into the overflow line directly and have it diffuse while going thru the bio media but I'm afraid it'll leak out inside the bin or in the tub, or have some effect on the media that would counteract it's filtering.  The only other option is on the return line which is ~500g/hr and it flows up!  The reactor either way might have to be sideways.  Rigth now the bubbles in the tank are small, but they just don't have to be there!  Pictures of the filter can be seen here:

Since then I've gotten a compressed CO2 tank and feed it directly thru the prefilter of the pump right up to the impeller (and the tubes look nothing like clear).  The mag filter has also gone bye-bye as a result of being stored improperly.  The impeller had started to grind itself and when being stored it rusted and eventually burst right through the canister :-(

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