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[APD] What you didn't know about Tom Barr

I've being doing some (un)scientific research into Mr. Tom Barr, and have drawn the following conclusions:

He has at least once gone caving. (http://www.cumberlandcaverns.com/Historic%20Gallery/pages/Tom%20Barr%20in%20Hubbards%201960.htm)
He plays the fiddle. (http://www.ls.net/~barr/about.htm)
He is an attorney who lives in Dallas. (http://tombarr.lawoffice.com/Attorneys.shtml)
He is also the head coach of the "Grizzlies". (http://www.wp.smsu.edu/Grizzly/Grizzly_Basketball/head_coach_tom_barr.htm)
And he is a real estate agent. (http://www.tombarr.net/)
Considering his varied life-style, I find it amazing he has any time for his tanks at all!

(in the spirit of George Booth, the pirate)
Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk
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