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[APD] Re: Volume or temp of the water change?

>>So have a non CO2 tank if that is your prime goal and little if any water
It can be done and has been, so is this method better?
Sure sounds like the direction you are going with this.
Perhaps both method are  too radical? So that newbies should use both
method/s together?<<

No, I keep moderate to bright light, moderate to high C02, and fertile
substrate with moderate water dosing. Moderate water changes. If thats
mixing methods, then fine, thats what I do. You seemed determined to
classify it as either non C02  or C02 based. I say it does not have to be an
either or. I can do moderate water changes and still have high light and
C02.I can use moderation without limiting myself to a low tech low light
tank. Why can't you see that?

>>Not all newbies want the same things.
Each person is different.
Let them decide ...............then guide.<<

That sounds like good advice. That seems to me what I have been telling you
all along.
I understand what you are saying most of the time. I know your method is
based on your own experience and know how. I bow to your "decades and
decades and decades" of experience... (I thought you were only around 30
years old Tom, how did you manage that? :) ) I appreciate the fact that as
in your words, you have done and tried everything and have grown everything
that is possible to grow in water.  My experience is pale in comparison. How
could I have possibly thought otherwise?  My only beef was that you come
across pretty strong as having the only answers. I believe there are other
working alternatives. I apologize if I misinterpreted you.

Never the less, I have chosen a different path based on my own humble

Robert Paul Hudson

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