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[APD] RE: Volume or temp of the water change?

> Its not the sustained temp that is a problem. I have kept Cryps in cool
> temps and High temps. Its adding cold water to a warm tank that will
> both fish and plants.

Well _what_ does that have to do with the __VOLUME__ of the water change?

> People are always looking for shortcuts. If you have patience, and do
> everything with moderation, then you are much more likely to have a long
> term well balanced aquarium with minimal problems.
> Best regards
> Robert Paul Hudson

So have a non CO2 tank if that is your prime goal and little if any water
It can be done and has been, so is this method better?
Sure sounds like the direction you are going with this.
Perhaps both method are  too radical? So that newbies should use both
method/s together?

I really do NOT believe mixing methods is advisable for new folks.

I've worked with many new folks over many years.
I've spent a lot of time telling them not to do this with good reason.

Not all newbies want the same things.
Each person is different.

Let them decide ...............then guide.

Tom Barr

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