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[APD] Re: Value of Snails (newbies)

Rex wrote
>>I strongly disagree with many of the statements that Robert Hudson wrote
do many other more experienced people on this list.  In fact I doubt that
many people would agree with those statements unless they were behavior
shopping. <<

That may very well be Rex. It wouldn't be the first time. "Behavior
shopping" I do not know what you are getting at there..but seems a mute
point. :)    But I am curious, since you are using the Estimated Index
method, (is that a good name for it?) why are you so gung ho on using a
nutrient rich substrate? Why bother?  If you are adding everything to the
substrate and doing massive water changes, why spend the big bucks for the
substrate? It cant be just because you don't have to rinse it, so what other
value do you see in it? Why not use just plain old gravel?

Robert Paul Hudson

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