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[APD] Re: Large water changes

Robert, I am not trying to attack you personally, but you do really need to
learn a few things which are factual and not feelings.  You stated:

"ICH is quite often ,
if not always present in any water, in any aquarium."

That statement is absolutely, unequivocally false.  Ich is a protozoan
parasite with no dormant phase.  It has three standard and familiar phases,
all of which involve active metabolism.  If sub-clinical Ich is present in a
particular tank, it is because it was not eradicated while infected fish
were in quarantine.  I do not have any sub-clinical infections in my tanks,
and have not in decades.  Otherwise such incidents as you yourself describe
would have resulted in Ich outbreaks in my tanks during the three extended
power outages we have already had this fall and winter.  Those incidents,
ranging from 17+ hours to over 33 hours, dropped some tanks to 60F.  I
experienced no Ich.  I had no salt or other prophylactic medications in the
tanks.  Just as others have reported their long-term freedom from this
particular common parasite, my tanks are clear of it, their tanks are clear
of it, and I promise you there is no magic involved.  The parasite is
present or not, fact, not feelings or belief.

Some things discussed on this and other lists and forums are personal
preference, and as such are debatable.  The life cycle of a disease parasite
is not subject to personal preference; it is a matter of fact, and
independently verifiable.

You also state: "Radical temp change, particularly a drop in temp will
trigger Cryp melt."

No person on this list in this series has suggested "radical temp changes".
That is a non-issue and red herring you are waving as a smoke screen.  As
previously stated, you should match temperature of change water to tank
water, but as also stated, a few degrees in either direction are not
"radical" for either the fish or the plants.  As noted above, I recently
have had more than one power outage, the last involving temperature drops
from the mid-70s to as low as 60F.  My C. wendtii did not melt (nor did
other Crypts).  Perhaps we have different meanings for the term radical?

Robert Ricketts

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