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Re: [APD] Re: Value of Snails (slime)

I think You've had great luck. I've found small snails
growing in all kinds of places, including inside the
canister, the tubing, etc.  And that's even with

Scott H.
--- Augustine Rodriguez <r0dr1gaj at jvlnet_com> wrote:
> It is probably a matter of scale. I don't use powerheads,
> never have, so I
> can't comment on them. I have always used canister
> filters with separate
> pumps.
> In my 55gal tanks I use Iwaki pumps with my own plumbing
> (1/2" pvc). The
> intake tubes have four 1/4" holes. The intake tube is
> then surrounded by
> plastic mesh on which I sometimes grow moss. This acts
> like a prefilter. The
> moss is only for looks. I've had it without moss and the
> larger snails that
> would cause a problem can't get through the plastic mesh.
> The smaller snails
> that got sucked in pass right through the Iwaki impeller
> to the filter,
> where they live comfortably, doing their thing, until I
> clean it out. My
> filter is quite large. I clean it out every 9mo months,
> whether it needs it
> or not :-)

S. Hieber

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