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[APD] Re: Value of Snails (slime)

It is probably a matter of scale. I don't use powerheads, never have, so I
can't comment on them. I have always used canister filters with separate

In my 55gal tanks I use Iwaki pumps with my own plumbing (1/2" pvc). The
intake tubes have four 1/4" holes. The intake tube is then surrounded by
plastic mesh on which I sometimes grow moss. This acts like a prefilter. The
moss is only for looks. I've had it without moss and the larger snails that
would cause a problem can't get through the plastic mesh. The smaller snails
that got sucked in pass right through the Iwaki impeller to the filter,
where they live comfortably, doing their thing, until I clean it out. My
filter is quite large. I clean it out every 9mo months, whether it needs it
or not :-)
Augustine Rodriguez
McFarland, WI USA

>> I also believe that the quickest and simplest way of "maturing" tanks is by
>> having lots of apple snails (Pomacea bridgesi).
> How do you keep your filter tubes from clogging up with snail slime? I have a
> small snail tank with a powerhead pulling water through a UGF and the tubes
> and 
> impeller need regular cleaning or they clog. Because of the tank/filter design
> this is a real pain and I would like to find a way to reduce all the slimy
> gunk.
> Thanks,
> Paul

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