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Re: [APD] CO2 methods

It's normal for a cansiter filter to put out about half the
rated flow. Fresh media cust the flow, the length of tubing
and the fittings cut the flow, biofilm build up inthe
tubing cuts the flow, and the detritus that collects inthe
midea even more so cuts the flow. 

Still, it probably won't affect the CO2 levels so long as
you keep things within reason. Not a lot of water flow is
needed to maintain CO2 levels. However, if the levels get
very low, it will mean that the filter media are gettting
clogged and when that happen canister filters tend to suck
in air pst the o-ring and to suck some gasses out of the
water, causing a large bubble at the top of the canister.
Trmally burb out of the canister but sometimes they can
cuase the canister to lock up. But if you build an external
reactor, you'll never go back :-)

Scott H.
--- rjb1211 <rjb1211 at comcast_net> wrote:
> One reason I didn't want to use a canister was the
> variation in flow rates
> as the unit gets dirty.  I normally clean the Magnum 350
> every two weeks and
> the flow is very different from clean to needing service.
>  Will that affect
> the CO2 level?  The Fluval has a steadier flow rate but
> the design of the
> Magnum (impeller at the bottom) will probably work
> better.
> Rick
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> > The simplest and least expensive method is to have the
> CO2
> > bubble into the intake of your canister filter.  some
> folks
> > have a problem with the canister sometimes accumulating
> too
> > much gas and locking up -- others do not.
> >
> > The most efficient and least obtrusive method is to use
> an
> > external reactor. You can build one yourself with a few
> > dollars wirth of pvc parts from Home Depot of similar
> > hardware store.
> >
> > A great example of a diy reactor is here:
> >
> > http://www.aquaticscape.com/articles/co2reactor.htm
> >
> > Scott H.


S. Hieber

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