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[APD] Re: Large water changes

when you do Large water changes often, you are creating a very stable
environment, the problem is when you do not do those Large water changes
more often....and then do a large one after a long period of time.

Chuck H. said:
>>"My experience in keeping fish for nearly eight years doesn't agree
>>with your assertions, Robert.  I was doing large water  changes (up to
>> 90%) as frequently as every 3 days on my fish tanks even before I
>>started growing plants, and it has never caused any problems...quite
>>the opposite.  I have more than a few fishes that get excited and
>>race around the tank when they see me coming with the hoses and then
>>frolick in the stream of fresh water as it comes in.  Is that a sign
>>of stress?"

I guess you are both right!

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