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[APD] RE: Large water changes

In my opinion, it is important to provide a stable environment for our aquariums. Excessive temp and pH swings are not good and should be avoided, if possible. I can tell you that such swings can bring on Crypt melt.

I think I understand the philosophy behind Tom's method- provide plants with what they need by ensuring sufficient (if not excessive) quantifies of nutrients to the water column. This reduces or eliminates the need for testing. In order to provide a buffer for nutrient build up, large water changes are necessary on a frequent basis.

This method seems simple to apply for beginners. This is a good thing. I believe it is important for a beginner to be rewarded with healthy, growing plants early in their planted tank experience.

However, I, for one, could not keep up a weekly 50% water change routine for any extended period of time (especially if you are a member of the bucket brigade). I'm sure there are those die-hards that can and have. Nevertheless, I think it advisable to discuss alternate methods for those beginners that may want to lessen the burden of such maintenance.

Lets not get caught up in the "my method is better than yours" thing. Those of you that have been around a while know that there are many successful ways to a beautiful planted aquarium.


Art Giacosa

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