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Re: [APD] Eco-Complete: Calculating quantity needed?

I measured closer to 485-500 cu in for one bag. I go with
500 cu inches and round to the nearest bag.

I don't know the dimensions of your tank but for a standard
90g, I'd use 5 bags. I suggest, getting 4 bags and if you
decide you want more, you can add another bag later -- this
stuff isn't dusty so it's not a big deal to add a mere 20
pounds to a 90g tank after it's setup.

This stuff really does stratify after a few months, with
the littler grains going down and the larger ones staying
at the surface. It's a darker color than Onyx sand, but
because it's larger, espeically at the surface, it's just a
tad harder to plant your plants -- no wore than regular
Flourite, though.

Have fun,
Scott H.
--- Matt Staroscik <matt at wrongcrowd_com> wrote:
> I am planning on using 100% Eco-Complete substrate in my
> new 90 gal
> bowfront but I don't know how much to order for a 3"
> layer.
> Does anyone know the volume-per-bag for Eco-Complete? The
> manufacturer's
> web site is unfortunately pretty useless.
> I found the value 558 cu in / 20lb bag on the
> plantedtank.net forums, but
> no one posted a followup confirming that. For my tank,
> that would be about
> 4.2 bags -- I'd probably just round up to 5 and have some
> left over.

S. Hieber

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