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[APD] Really cool aquarium equipment.

I was just wondering if any of you thought that there would be a market for
something like this in today's aquarium hobby.

I purchased a "Aquacomp Aquarium Controller and Fish Feeder" about 10 or 15
years ago. The features include, but are not limited to:

*	Temperature control - changes of 0.1 degree F are sensed and
corrected. Any standard heater up to 400 watts is controlled by the
controller. Will flash an alert if the temperature drops below the
programmed temperature range.

*	Temperature ramp - allow you to raise or lower the temperature over
a desired number of days for breeding purposes or disease control.

*	Feed fish - may be programmed to feed your fish up to 15 different
times per day, and up to 15 portions at each feeding.

*	Can turn the pump or filter off during feeding to permit the food to

*	Turn lights on and off at times you select.

*	Alert functions - can be programmed to flash the display as a
reminder (for medications, cleaning, etc.).

The functions are programmed through an easy to use keypad interface.

I have had almost no trouble with mine since I purchased it. I have replaced
the thermistor once, and had to diy an external relay because the ballasts
on my lights kept burning out, something I believe is unique to my unit. No
big deal, cost me about $5 and an hour of my time.

This is probably the one piece of equipment I just wouldn't want to do
without. I can leave for vacation after filling the food bin, and not have
to worry about my fish going hungry. It holds enough food for about two
months, and works unfailingly.

What do you think? Would it be worth resurrecting? It used to sell for about
$90 when I got mine (I think). Do you think there would be enough demand in
today's market for this to be profitable?

Douglas Guynn
	d_guynn at sbcglobal.net

"The power to do things for you is the power to do things to you." - Dorothy

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