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Re: [APD] Value of Snails (newbies)

Ouch! I said _maybe_ :-)

My initial newness wore out about 27 years ago. Been keeping and maintaining
fish tanks for that long.

If folks want to add chemicals to water, then spend time doing massive water
changes to remove those chemicals, fine. My input was intended for newbies.
I believe that they should hear from people with differing points of view.

The simpler you can make this hobby, the more enjoyable it will be for the
most number of people.
Augustine Rodriguez
McFarland, WI USA

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>> Maybe I'm lazy, but adding chemicals to a tank, then doing 50% weekly water
>> changes to remove the chemicals seems like an enormous amount of work.
> You said you were lazy not me.  I see this a lot.  I call it behavior
> shopping.  Let's take aquariums in general as an example.  Once the initial
> newness wears off many people start looking for shortcuts to aquarium
> maintenance.  One example is the Eco-Aqualizer.  Anything that claims to
> reduce water changes is going to sell.  And people will search all over
> Hell's creation for a justification for their laziness.  Once they find one
> crackpot (I'm not specifically calling anyone a crackpot here) web site
> that justifies their behavior they latch onto it like a pitbull on a strip
> of bacon.

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