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[APD] Re: Is this Bacopa carolina?

* From: "Steven Pituch" <spituch at ev1_net>

Hey, Paul in Alabama! What do you think?

No, I am pretty sure it is not B. carolina. The veination of the leaves is wrong, and the stem is square, rather than round. also, the stem is much less hairy than the stem of emersed grown B. carolina. Also, it branches too much. Try crushing a leaf and taking a sniff. B. carolina has a strong minty or herbal odor that is very distinctive. I have seen this plant growing in a ditch, and I had plans to see if it could be grown submersed, but, they filled in the ditch and put in a culvert before I got around to it. Somebody else on the APD picked up this plant and got it going underwater. I checked back on the posts for November and October, but haven't been able to find his post.

Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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