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[APD] black beard algae

I have a 55 gal planted fresh water set up.  I have 240 watts of florescent day light bulbs that are on for 12 hrs a day.  I use pressurized CO2 and Florish complete supplement as well as additional Potassium and Iron supplements.  I do weekly water changes, filter with a Fluval 404 using carbon and phosphate remover.  Nitrate, Nitrite, ammonia, ammonium are all at low levels.   The plants are growing but I cant get rid of the black beard algae and it is killing the slow growing Anubias and Java Ferns.  Last month I tore the tank down and treated everything with a 20:1 bleach solution to kill the algae.  As soon as the tank cycled after set up the beard algae has started to reapear.  I have removed the light source in hopes that the lack of light will kill the algae before it kills the higher order plants.  What does it take to get rid of this type algae?  I love my planted tank but this algae is threatening to choke everything out.  Would a UV sterilizer help?  I saw a prod!
 uct called "Algae Fix" which is advertise to be safe for planted tanks and effective against black beard algae.  I wonder if it would be safe for the invertebrates in the tank.  What allows this algae to out compete the higher order plants?  Any info on how to control it would be helpful.  Siamese algae eaters do not seem to help.  Please help me in any way you can.

John D. Thompson
jdt70 at earthlink_net
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