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[APD] Whhhat??

>Allow the tank to mature without disruption. Large water changes DO put
>stress on fish. It can even trigger ICH, particularly if a newbie is not
>carefull with the temp change It could also trigger Cryp melt. You would be
>changing water chemistry, hardness, pH... frequent large water changes can
>interfere with spawning.

>Robert Paul Hudson

IMO this whole statement is a load. You can mature a tank in no time. Here are two ways. One,
add guppies feed them and in no time more mulm than you know what to do with (good luck on getting them all out).
Two, add  a male and female ancistrus. This takes care of algae and the mulm problem. Oh, but in order for them to
breed you have to do large water changes. 

"Large water changes DO put stress on fish. "

Maybe if they're unaccustomed to your water or your municipality changes water on a weekly bases.
Trigger ICH, sure. The only time any of my fish got ICH is when I add fish from a questionable source.

I live in Denver CO. The water changes from city to city. I've tore down a tank completely, move to a different city
and none of my Crypts melted. Then I've had melt because I looked at them wrong, (maybe it was a seasonal
change in water supply) . 

"You would be changing water chemistry, hardness, pH..."

Maybe if you used water from different sources you would have chemistry problems. 

" frequent large water changes can interfere with spawning."

This really irks me. The statement is too general and unbecoming of a store owner. People listen to you and will believe you. 
First, do you keep and breed fish? Second where do the fish come from?
Your statement may apply to large lake fish. But let's take the Amazon river basin and it tributaries. If you want to
breed these fish you feed them well and change lots of water, The water changes signifies the rainy session
and lots of food. This may not apply to killifish and some others. 


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