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[APD] Re: Sulfates

Ed Dumas asked:
	Is there a dangerous limit with Sulphates in an aqaurium, to either
plants or fish? I assume that small quantities are okay, but at what point
is it possible to do harm? Is there a test kit for sulphates? If I know that
point, I can know what level to stay well under.

I don't really know what the upper limit for fish is, but the tap water here
in west Texas contains 380 to 400 ppm SO4. I dilute it with RO water because
the total hardness is 570 to 600 ppm (33 to 43 GH) and I keep cardinal
tetras, which prefer softer water. A lot of people here do use straight tap
water, and don't seem to have any trouble, except for the white scale it

Maybe I'm a wimp, but it still makes me sick to drink the stuff, and I've
lived here for 25 years.

Douglas Guynn, in sunny and cool west Texas, still hoping for rain, any
rain, PLEASE can we get some rain...

"The power to do things for you is the power to do things to you." - Dorothy

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